Awards for Staff

Staff members of the College of Arts and Sciences are eligible for the following University-wide awards. Deadlines and criteria vary; for details, visit the website for each award.

Penny Allen Award: Recognizes individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the quality of student life. Deadline is late March. More information:

Division of Student Affairs Warner O. Moore Hall of Fame: Awarded to individuals who have made lasting contributions to student life at The University of Alabama. Deadline is March. More information:

Outstanding Professional Award: Recognizes professional employees for going above and beyond normal responsibilities or duties, bringing out the best in others and for creating conditions for success. Call for nominations made in March. Award is made in May. More information: Professional Staff Assembly,

Outstanding Staff Award: Given by the Office, Clerical, and Technical Staff Assembly (OCTSA) to two employees from among the office, clerical, and technical staff of The University of Alabama whose exceptional ability, performance, and attitude have advanced the mission of the University. Call for nominations made in February; deadline is mid-March. More information: OCTSA, or

Capstone Awards for University Employees

Information and nomination forms for these awards can be found at

Premier Awards for University Employees

The University Awards Committee solicits applications for the five Premier Awards, the highest honors given at the University. Students, faculty/staff, and other campus partners are encouraged to nominate faculty and staff members for the two awards that also accept non-student applications, the Morris Lehman Mayer (for faculty) and Algernon Sydney Sullivan Awards (for faculty and staff). Information: