COVID-19 and Travel Disruptions

Mandatory Process for A&S Travel Affected by COVID-19

For all flights that are canceled due to the current COVID-19 travel restrictions, the College of Arts and Sciences is requiring departments to track the issue of airline vouchers until further notice.

This mandatory tracking applies to all flights that have been canceled, even flights canceled prior to the issue of this memo. Tracking is required only if the airline will not refund the full cost of the flight but is issuing a full-cost voucher for future use instead.

Why Is This Necessary and Important?

For three reasons:

  • Tracking will ensure that no vouchers go unredeemed or are allowed to expire. The non-use of a voucher is not allowable on state funds.
  • Tracking will show if the travel purpose changes and if a Journal Entry could be required.
  • Tracking ensures the voucher/replacement ticket is comparable in value to the original purchase.

What Are Departments Required to Do to Help with Tracking?

Complete two forms, available via Qualtrics:

Forms are to be completed for ALL airfare, regardless of FOAP, as soon as the cancellation or voucher redemption occurs.

This is not an approval process. Travelers need to obtain supervisory approval prior to voucher redemption. This includes a new International Travel Request if applicable. Supervisors should be informed by the traveler of the original ticket purchase price and the ticket price the traveler is requesting the voucher be redeemed for. Supervisors should adhere to all UA travel policies when giving approval and consider any cost difference before approving the redemption of vouchers.

Any loss incurred due to failure to complete this process will result in the traveler being held responsible for the repayment of the travel expenses, not the college or department.

All questions regarding tracking should be directed to Olivia Montgomery at or (205) 348-7008.