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New College Class Provides Online Arts Workshops

At the beginning of the semester, UA professor Marysia Galbraith had a plan for her community arts class. The New College class would visit Matthews Elementary biweekly, hosting interactive arts workshops for fifth graders. After observing and assisting for a few workshops, the college students would get the chance to lead their own workshops with lesson plans that they developed themselves. For Galbraith, who is a potter outside of her duties as a New College and anthropology professor, bringing arts […]

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Restoring a Legend

Dr. Jennifer Feltman

From the Winter 2019 Collegian | Since its Gothic construction in 1163, Notre Dame Cathedral has been a religious and cultural monument worldwide. Its magnificent towers and buttresses have stood through regime changes and revolutions, through wars and celebrations and times of mourning. The echo of its bells, perhaps Paris’s most famous sound, have become iconic in books and films. To admirers and critics alike, the cathedral has become a symbol of culture, religion, art, and French pride throughout the […]

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Teaching in Prisons

A teacher in the Prison Arts program helps a student participate in the class.

Alexa Tullett is used to large, full lecture halls on the first day of her “Introduction to Psychology” classes. Dozens of students fill the seats and flip through paper syllabi, where lectures, readings, and assignments take up most of the text on the pages. However, her first day of her “Science of the Brain” class last fall looked quite different— she traded a lecture hall for a prison. Tullett, an associate professor of psychology, was the first Arts and Sciences’ […]

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New College Hosts Inaugural Girls Media Camp

From the October 2017 Desktop News | New College hosted the first Druid City Girls Media Camp on the UA campus this summer. Created and founded by 14 UA students and one professor, the weeklong camp served to educate and provide hands-on experience in filmmaking for young girls in the Tuscaloosa area. The inspiration for a girls’ film camp originated from a course titled Women in Film, taught by Dr. Barbara Jane Brickman, assistant professor in New College and the department […]

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Emeritus Professor Receives International Service Award

From the August 2017 Desktop News | Before knocking on his door, visitors can’t help but take a second to admire the décor surrounding it. The door’s perimeter is surrounded by a collection of artifacts that could only have been collected through a lifetime of travel, including nametags from various conferences, a small shrine to the Virgin of Guadalupe, and a medal earned for years of service hanging on the door itself. Dr. Dick Diehl, a professor emeritus in the Department of […]

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UA to Use NSF Funding to Boost STEM Teachers in High Schools

From the July 2017 Desktop News | Researchers at The University of Alabama hope to place as many as 15 STEM teachers in area schools through a $1.95 million grant that will provide tuition assistance, enhanced teacher training, and robust salary supplements. UA was recently awarded a Developing Leaders in Science Teaching grant from the National Science Foundation to recruit college graduates from STEM disciplines to pursue master’s degrees and earn secondary teacher certifications at UA. “When they complete their master’s degrees, […]

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UA Professor’s Coping Power Program Goes to Pakistan and around the World

From the April 2017 Desktop News | Trying to circumvent the cycle of violence that is growing within Pakistan—especially among young children—Pakistani native Asia Mushtaq recently relied on an adapted version of UA professor Dr. John Lochman’s Coping Power program to reduce aggression among 9-to 11-year-old boys in Rawalpindi, Pakistan. “The proliferation of violence has become a serious social problem in Pakistan today,” Mushtaq wrote in her study which will be published in Prevention Science. “Environmental factors can initiate aggression and conduct […]

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Alumnus Bikes for Better Housing

From the February 2017 Desktop News | Alumnus Henry Downes didn’t take the traditional path after graduation. He took the bike path. Though Downes double-majored in political science and economics, he became a full-time Bike Adventure trip leader after graduation, working for the Fuller Center for Housing, a nonprofit organization in Americus, Georgia, that helps to eliminate poverty housing by working with individuals and communities to build and renovate houses for people in need. Each year, the Fuller Center hosts various cross-country […]

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