A&S Junior Creates Group to Combat Vaccine Misinformation

From the January 2022 Desktop News | In December 2020, junior biological sciences major and McCollough Pre-Medical Scholar Kyle Boden heard that a new vaccine was becoming available to help combat the COVID-19 pandemic. He, like many others around the country, was excited by the prospect. But this was quickly dampened by the spread of misinformation, which ran rampant on social media. Boden knew he had to do something.  Boden, who hails from Santa Clara, California, and his friend, Crystal Tao, who is […]

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Extending a Helping Hand

From the 2021 Collegian | For Brand Elverston, going to The University of Alabama was the chance of a lifetime. Now, he wants to help other students have that chance through the Brand L. Elverston Endowed Eminent Scholarship in Criminal Justice. “My biggest desire is to help a student who wants to go to college, but maybe can’t afford it,” Elverston said. “I want to help the Brand Elverston of 2021.” Elverston graduated from UA in 1983, after transferring to […]

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A Legend’s Legacy

From the 2021 Collegian | When Carla Rountree recounts her childhood, she remembers her father’s floor-to-ceiling library, filled with novels, biographies, travel guides, and historical books. Her father, Dr. Thomas Rountree, served as UA’s creative writing program director from 1963 to 1971, before moving to the University of South Alabama to become chair of their English department.   But before he began his time as a faculty member and writer, he was a master’s student at UA, mentored by Hudson Strode. Strode, who began […]

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Levitetz Gives Back

From the 2021 Collegian | When Jeffrey Levitetz graduated from The University of Alabama, he left with a sense of determination, a dream, and a business he ran out of his car. Now, he returns to campus to share what he’s learned as a successful entrepreneur and philanthropist. Levitetz began his career while he was a New College student, where he sold surplus merchandise and other goods out of the trunk of his car to students and locals. This business, […]

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Being the Change

From the 2021 Collegian | When Brittany Hamner graduated from UA in May 2021, she walked across the stage prepared to take on the world. The 2020 Campbell-Portera Scholarship winner had spent the past four years learning all that she could, getting involved in multiple organizations on campus, and making memories that will last a lifetime.   Hamner, a Tuscaloosa native and first-generation college student, decided to go to UA to be close to her large, tight-knit family. UA gave her the opportunity […]

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Finding Happiness

From the 2021 Collegian | Dr. Jacqueline Trimble’s first impulse after learning to read was to write, so at the age of six, she wrote her first piece of work: a one-paragraph autobiography. Though she talks fondly of the memory now, her accomplishments assure she has much more to add. Trimble, who earned her masters and PhD at UA and serves as the chair of Alabama State University’s department of languages and literatures, was one of only 35 selected as […]

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Making Her Mark

From the 2021 Collegian | Caroline Yuk has always known she wanted to make a difference in the world.  COVID-19 brought many challenges to UA’s classrooms. For Yuk, a senior, it spurred a new challenge—figuring out how to learn all that she needed to when communication was muffled by cloth face covering and plexiglass—and an opportunity.  “I’m always thinking about how things can be better,” Yuk said. “How can things improve? And what ways can they? I think I’ve always had this mindset of wondering why we […]

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Art Professor, Students Create Sculptures to Raise Funds for Children’s of Alabama

From the December 2021 Desktop News | Over the past eight years, art professor Craig Wedderspoon and his sculpture students have created innovative and unique sculptures to help Nucor, a steel production company in Tuscaloosa, raise funds for Children’s of Alabama. Wedderspoon first started the collaboration with Nucor in 2013, when Nucor approached him about creating sculptures out of Nucor-made steel to auction off at their annual auction for Children’s of Alabama, a children’s hospital located in Birmingham. For Wedderspoon, […]

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Going with the Flow

From the 2021 Collegian | In the heart of Tuscaloosa County, a small stream runs through the woods. Here, frogs hop from stone to stone, insects and butterflies flutter about, and water transports fish and other river dwellers downstream. Locals spend their days on the creek’s banks, swimming, hiking, and adventuring in their own backyard.   This stream is known as Hurricane Creek, a tributary of the Black Warrior River. A landmark to Tuscaloosa natives, Hurricane Creek has long been […]

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Astronomy Professor Sharing Space with the Public Online, at Public Observations

From the November 2021 Desktop News | Dr. William Keel loves to share his view of the sky with the world. When he’s not conducting research on far-away galaxies or teaching classes, the astronomy professor seeks out ways to gain a larger audience both online and in-person so that he can show people the universe around them. “There’s all this amazing stuff out there that most people have never had the opportunity to find out about,” Keel said. “There is […]

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