UA Book Helps Solve 87-Year-Old Fossil Mystery

From the March 2018 Desktop News | In the world of paleontology, mysteries abound. Apart from questions about their makers, fossils sometimes create their own mysteries after they are collected. The 2016 University of Alabama Press book, Footprints in Stone: Fossil Traces of Coal-Age Tetrapods, recently helped solve a mystery at the American Museum of Natural History, […]

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Alumna Works to Establish Music BA Amidst Conflict in Myanmar

From the April 2017 Desktop News | According to UA alumna Ten Yeen Chong, the Kachin State of Myanmar is in the middle of a humanitarian crisis and civil war. Just months ago, in Nawng Nang, a village 30 minutes from Kachin’s capital Myitkyina, she said fighter jets with bombing missions flew overhead and government soldiers began […]

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Drought Continues in Alabama

From the January 2017 Desktop News |  According to Dr. Sagy Cohen, an assistant professor in the Department of Geography, drought doesn’t end at the first sign of rain or even heavy downpour. “When we got that downpour the first week of December, people thought the drought was over,” Cohen said. “But that’s not true.” In […]

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