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Theodora Bishop

Only 28 years old, Theodora Bishop is a Best New Poet and Pushcart Prize nominee; she has been published in more than two dozen online and print journals and magazines; and early this year she published her first novella, On the Rocks, with Texas Review Press. “Theodora is a force of nature, impressive at any […]

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Kayleb Candrilli

Kayleb Candrilli is an award-winning poet and author with more than 100 published works, many of which have won such prizes as the Britany Noakes Poetry Award and the Pamet River Prize. Mostly recently, however, Candrilli was selected from among thousands of applicants as a 2017 Lambda Literary finalist for What Runs Over, a poetry […]

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Literature in the Making

On Being a Writer It takes a certain kind of bravery to be a writer. There are the obvious challenges—the sobering chance of success, the dismal publishing landscape—but also the not-so-obvious: the hard, lonely hours spent piecemealing thoughts and words, the gut-wrenching feeling of having a publication accept your work only to learn later that […]

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