‘Till the Wheels Fall off Photo Gallery

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Twenty-two year old U.S. Army Sgt. Shaun Castle was on a training mission in Germany when the pulsing rounds of a Mark 19 automatic grenade launcher rang out unexpectedly and drastically changed the course of his life.

He had been teaching a solider how to use the weapon, which was mounted on the top of a Humvee, but the soldier fired prematurely. The Humvee recoiled, and, in an instant, the brush guard of the vehicle slammed into Castle’s lower back—cracking two vertebrae, herniating three discs, and sending bone into his spinal cord.

Castle was paralyzed. But far from ruining his life, paralysis has actually paved the way for some of his greatest accomplishments—playing collegiate wheelchair basketball at the University, meeting President George W. Bush, hosting a Fox Sports radio show in Los Angeles, starring in a Randy Houser music video, and so much more.

“Of course I wish I could have my body back,” Castle said. “But these are the steps that got me here, and I wouldn’t change it.”

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