Executive Committee and Committee Chairs

College of Arts and Sciences Leadership Board

Immediate Past Co-Chairpersons, Executive Committee
Mr. Frank Gregory, Wetumpka, AL
Mrs. Rebecca Gregory, Wetumpka, AL

Chairperson, Executive Committee
Ms. Pam McCollough, Katy, TX

Secretary-Treasurer, Executive Committee
Mr. Walter Pittman, Birmingham, AL

Co-Vice Chairpersons, Executive Committee
Dr. T. Lee Baumann, Birmingham, AL
Dr. Brenda Baumann, Birmingham, AL

Co-Chairpersons, Membership Committee
Mr. Robert Kreisberg, Birmingham, AL
Mr. Alan Seigal, Birmingham, AL

Chairperson, Student Life Committee
Dr. Susan Warner, Tuscaloosa, AL

Co-Chairpersons, Academic Committee
Dr. Trudier Harris, Tuscaloosa, AL
Mrs. Leah Stephens, Montgomery, AL

Co-Chairpersons, Fine Arts Committee
Mrs. Paula Quarles, Tuscaloosa, AL
Mrs. Pam Askew, Tuscaloosa, AL