Frequently Asked Questions

How does the College decide if a course from another institution will transfer equivalently into the College of Arts and Sciences?

STARS (the Statewide Transfer Articulation and Reporting System) facilitates the process of moving from Alabama state schools to UA; learn more by reviewing the University Registrar’s transfer credit page, the STARS website, and the College of Arts and Sciences’ STARS Area V requirements.

If you took courses somewhere other than an Alabama state school, the A&S Student Services Center will evaluate your courses. We look at the course level, content, and the relationship of the course to other courses in the curriculum to determine equivalencies. There are courses that cannot be accepted. These include professional or technical courses, remedial courses, or courses in areas in which The University of Alabama offers no instruction. Also, the institution at which you took courses must be accredited.

If you have any questions about transferring into A&S, Ask an Advisor or contact the A&S Student Services Center at (205) 348-5970 or