Frequently Asked Questions

How do I drop/withdraw from a class after the last drop/withdraw date?

The last day to drop a course with a grade of “W” typically falls at the end of the 10th week of classes during fall and spring semesters, the second week of Interim session, the third week of a five-week summer session, and the fourth week of a 10-week session.* These intervals, which are University of Alabama policy, are designed to allow you plenty of time to decide whether to withdraw from a course.

Sometimes extraordinary circumstances arise, however, and when they do, a student may request an exception to the University’s withdrawal policy by filing a petition for late withdrawal. If the exception is granted, the student will receive a grade of “W” (which carries no GPA penalty) for the course on his or her transcript.

The University sets a high standard for granting late withdrawal requests, and the conditions prompting a petition for an exception to the withdrawal policy should be serious. Not doing as well as you would like in the class, having accrued too many absences, or deciding you want to change your major are not considered adequate reasons.

Because late withdrawals must be approved at the college (not department) level, start the process by making an appointment online with an advisor, emailing your advisor directly for an appointment, or coming into the A&S Student Services Center (200 Clark Hall) during open advising times. During your appointment the advisor will be able to determine whether submitting a late withdrawal request is appropriate or not. Advisor support must be obtained and a petition for late withdrawal must be submitted by noon on the Thursday prior to “Dead Week.” After this day, students will only have the option to withdraw from the entire term.

*Consult the UA academic calendar at for dates.