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What do I do if I’m going to take my prerequisites over the summer at another institution?

Not a problem. Follow the links below for requesting prerequisite overrides for math, chemistry, and biology, and don’t forget to complete your letter of transiency form.

Request a biology prerequisite override

Request a chemistry prerequisite override

Request a math prerequisite override

Request a physics prerequisite override

I’m concerned about getting a job and what comes after I graduate. What should I do?

It’s always important to focus on what comes next. The Career Center is accepting virtual appointments, and they offer numerous resources for preparing resumes and cover letters as well as job opportunities through Handshake. Visit the Career Center website for more information.

How can I get my red graduation cap and/or Latin-honors stoles?

We are currently working on a contingency plan for students to receive their College of Arts and Sciences Latin-honors stole and/or red cap. Students who are eligible will be notified via email at a later date explaining the new process. For more information on the requirements for Latin honors (cum laude designations) and red cap eligibility, visit the University’s undergraduate catalog.

Pass/Fail Option

Should I select the pass/fail option for one of my classes?

This depends on the course and how you are doing. First, we recommend that you wait until the week of April 21 to make a decision. This will allow you to have the strongest understanding of where you stand academically in the class. If you have any concerns, please email your faculty or College advisor. You can also always email us at

What about classes like English 102 or my Math 112 class that has an A/B/C/No Credit grading structure?

Students who select the P/F model and receive a P for the course will complete the course and be allowed to move on. If you select the P/F option and receive an F for the course, this will count toward your GPA—whereas if you select A//C/No Credit, the NC will not count toward your GPA. Talk with your instructor to see where you stand in the course, and talk with your advisor if you have any concerns.

The University has said P grades will count toward my major and degree. What about prerequisites for those classes? Will Ps allow the course to count as a prerequisite for the next course?

Yes, a grade of P will count and allow you to complete the course and move on to the next class.

How will selecting the pass/fail option affect me as a graduating senior?

A&S students may choose the pass/fail option for any course they are currently enrolled in here at UA, and Ps will count toward a student’s degree requirements for graduation. Please note though, to earn a degree, students must still successfully complete all University and College degree requirements.

What about for health professions students?

Marian Denham, the Director of Health Professions Advising, has created a best practice guide to help you make your choice.

As a graduating senior, what if I choose the pass/fail option but I do not meet the required GPA minimums of 2.0 for my overall GPA, major, or minor?

Although Ps will count toward your degree, they are not calculated into a your overall GPA. Students should remember that all GPAs—overall, UA, major(s), and minor(s)—must be 2.0 or higher to earn a degree. If you are on the cusp of a 2.0 in any of the areas listed, you should speak with a College Registrar about making the right choice for your current academic standing and progress toward degrees. This information would have been previously emailed to you when you originally applied for graduation.

I’m currently on academic warning. How will the P/F option affect this process?

Students who are on academic warning, first-term, or indefinite suspension will continue to be supported through communication from the A&S Student Services Center, and an email will be forthcoming containing resources. Any students who are on academic warning, first-term, or indefinite suspension who have questions should contact A&S Student Services at