Strategic Diversity Plan: Section IV

Department Initiatives

As a prominent example, the Department of Psychology is launching a Young Minority Scholars Program this year. It is a program to bring young scholars of color who are in psychology doctoral programs or postdocs to UA for a campus visit. They are hoping to invite one young minority scholar to visit each semester, beginning in spring 2017. This program is meant to help the department connect better with the minority community in the field, and hopefully some of these connections will turn into faculty hires. There could also be networking opportunities for their students of color.

Aside from programs that are instigated by departments themselves, the College will sponsor one diversity-related event in each department every year. Each department can pick a theme of their own choosing and then make a request for sponsorship to the Associate Dean for Multicultural Affairs and the Divisional Associate Dean. Each department can change its theme every year, meaning that there will be a variety of themes for such diversity-related events per year and per department. Examples include (without being limited to) a “meet and greet” with underrepresented undergraduate/graduate students, a forum on strategies for being inclusive and working with diverse students, or a forum on tools and resources for experiential learning through community outreach for diversity and inclusion.

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