Economic Development

The College supports economic development in Alabama by preparing the current and future workforce helping to retain talent in the state, form spin-off enterprises, and commercialize innovations generated by A&S faculty, staff and students.

Arts and Sciences Innovation and Commercialization Disclosures

Department Date Technology Title Primary Inventor
Chemistry and Biochemistry: 20-0022 3/30/2020 Methods for Converting PVC Elastomers (Collaboration) Jason E. Bara
Physics and Astronomy: 20-0025 4/21/20 Artificially Intelligent Navigation System Adam J. Hauser
Physics and Astronomy: 20-0034 6/19/20 Growth Methodology: Sputter Beam Epitaxy for Epitaxial Growth Adam J. Hauser
Chemistry and Biochemistry: 21-0013 11/23/20 Formulation and synthesis process of nutraceutical composition with potential higher bioavailability and immunological value Gabriela Gurau

Spin-off Enterprises

Department Enterprise Faculty Member/s
Chemistry and Biochemistry ThruPore Technologies: Develops and manufactures superior heterogeneous catalysts for chemical research and chemical manufacturing Martin G. Bakker
Chemistry and Biochemistry 525 Solutions, Inc.: Utilizes natural ingredients to assist in the side effects of diseases like diabetes Robin Rogers
Chemistry and Biochemistry Innovative Valency: Manufactures air-sensitive reagents and ligands for organic synthesis and organometallic chemistry Anthony J. Arduengo III (emeritus)

Patents Awarded to Faculty


Invention Name Inventor Application Number Issue Date Patent Number
Biofidelic Conductive Skin Stimulant Kim Lackey (Biological Sciences), Vinu Unnikrishnan* (Aerospace Engineering) – Collaboration 16/106,934 – US Utility Application 2/23/2021 10,930,176
Composite Electrodes and Methods for the Fabrication and Use Thereof Shanlin Pan/Arun Gupta (Chemistry) 16/259,043 – US Utility Application 11/30/2021 11,186,917
Light Driven Metal Pincer Photocatalysts for Carbon Dioxide Reduction to Carbon
Elizabeth Papish (Chemistry) 16/131,545– Utility 8/31/2021 11,103,861
New and Energy-Efficient Method for Ionic-Liquid-Based Selective Isolation of Chitin Using Aqueous Biphasic Systems Robin Rogers (Chemistry) 15/862,805 – US Utility Application 2/23/2021 10,927,191
Metal Particle-Chitin Composite Materials and Methods of Making Robin Rogers (Chemistry) 15/933,700 – US Utility Application 3/9/2021 10,941,258
three researchers in a lab
Dr. Adam Hauser, left, discusses chemical sensors developed in his lab with, from left, Smriti Ranjit, graduate student in material sciences, and Michael Bartz, an undergraduate student in physics and math. Hauser and his team are working with Army scientists to develop technology that uses the differences in frequency among chemicals to quickly detect dangerous airborne substances.

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