Arts and Sciences Podcast Database

Over the past decade, hundreds of thousands of podcasts have popped up around the globe, serving every interest from the daily news to lifestyle improvement to Harry Potter. According to Edison Research, over 30 million podcast episodes are available for download on different streaming sites, such as Spotify, iTunes, and SoundCloud. And unlike other media, podcasts are cheap to produce and free to the public.

The College of Arts and Sciences is proud to have several faculty, staff, students, and alumni who host their own podcasts. This database serves to help you explore the many podcasts of Arts and Sciences.

Big Gay Fiction Podcast

Hosted by: Jeff Adams, class of 1991

Each week, for the last four and a half years, Jeff Adams and Will Knauss release a podcast that “is for avid readers and passionate fans of gay romance fiction. Each week, they bring you exclusive author interviews, book recommendations and explore the latest in gay pop culture.”

Confessions of a Keyboardist 

Hosted by: Amy Frederick, class of 1989

Amy Frederick hosts a bi-monthly podcast called “Confessions Of A Keyboardist” where she interviews professional pianists, organists, accordionists, educators, technicians and synth players. Frederick strives to honor and inform others of the craft as keyboard-playing musicians.

Married Mash

Hosted by: Kristie Bauer, class of 1992

A married couple talks about their lives and relationship while tasting whiskey and bourbon from around the country.

Power of Attorney

Hosted by: LeTonya F. Moore, class of 1999

The Power of Attorney Show & Podcast provides real talk about legal issues that impact small businesses and entrepreneurs. This show provides insight into how to protect and position your brand for growth (even if you are a small brand); how to leverage networks and create an atmosphere of wealth building to leave a legacy, not just a brand. This show features interviews and guest co-hosts, experts and thought leaders from the general entrepreneurial community.

Sausage of Science

Hosted by: Dr. Chris Lynn, associate professor, anthropology, and others from the Human Biology Association.

A podcast discussing different research being done by members of the Human Biology Association. The Human Biology Association is a nonprofit scientific organization dedicated to supporting and disseminating innovative research and teaching on human biological variation in evolutionary, social, historical, and environmental contexts worldwide.

Speaking of Race

Hosted by: Dr. Jim Bindon, professor emeritus, anthropology; Dr. Erik L. Peterson, assistant professor, history; and Dr. Lesley Jo Weaver, assistant professor, anthropology (currently at University of Oregon)

In this first-of-its-kind trans-disciplinary podcast, biological anthropologist Jim Bindon joins with cultural anthropologist Lesley Jo Weaver and historian of science Erik L. Peterson to explore our species’ centuries long debates over how to define biological and behavioral difference, and why it continues to matter today.

The GradLings

Hosted by: Dr. William Justin Morgan, Robin Turner, and William “Boden” Robertson

Join three UA alumni as they discuss their work in linguistics, as well as the ups-and-downs of graduate school.

The Black Goat

Hosted by: Alexa Tullett, assistant professor, psychology

Three psychologists talk about doing science. Hosted by UA psychology assistant professor Alexa Tullett, Sanjay Srivastava, and Simine Vazire.