Promoting Brain Health Amongst Student-Athletes 

Desktop News | April 2023

On March 31st, 2023, The University of Alabama hosted Brain Day, an event aimed at promoting brain health and preventing brain injuries amongst student-athletes. Organized by faculty members from the colleges of Human Environmental Sciences and Arts and Sciences, in partnership with the Alabama Life Research Institute and the UA Department of Intercollegiate Athletics, the event was successful. 

UA News Center’s press release stated that the event was comprised of a comprehensive tour of campus athletic training and sports medicine facilities, as well as a visit to the MRI Research Facility. It enabled students and coaches to participate in conversations and presentations on various aspects of brain health, such as concussion symptoms and recovery; the role of nutrition, exercise and sleep in brain health; mental health awareness; and preventing brain injuries in themselves and their teammates. 

Brain Day drew participation from seven schools, including Central, Selma, Aliceville, Central, Greensboro, Bryant and Greene County. Students were exposed to an extensive range of sessions, covering topics such as sleep, exercise, brain techniques, substance use, concussion and nutrition. 

Thrilled with the event, coaches saw it as an opportunity to expand their horizons beyond the playmaking of the game. One particularly impressed coach stated that Brain Day was a “huge opportunity” for both players and coaching staff to gain valuable insights into how the brain works, and the importance of nutrition, rest and other factors that affect brain health. 

Central High School Football Coach, Demario Pippen, remarked, “I think this is a massive opportunity for us to learn more than just the X’s and O’s and physicality of the game. We are seeing how the brain works and how important nutrition and rest are to the kids for fueling their bodies. So, I just think this is a significant opportunity for my coaching staff.” 

Brain Day showcased The University of Alabama’s unwavering commitment to ensuring the well-being of student-athletes. It emphasized the importance of educating athletes about the critical role that brain health plays in their overall health and success. By providing practical knowledge and guidance to student-athletes, Brain Day helped ensure that student-athletes can pursue their athletic goals while maintaining their overall health and well-being.