A&S in the News: November 6-12, 2022

Political Intrigue

‘Crimson red state’: How Alabama’s lack of midterm political intrigue harms itself: Al.com – Nov. 6

… Said Regina Wagner, political science professor at The University of Alabama, “Voters are not tuned in when there aren’t any competitive races, so I don’t expect them to be too aware of issues around the constitutional amendments.”

Books to Prisons

Books to Prisons hosts book donation drive: The Crimson White – Nov. 6

Books to Prisons, the organization that facilitates these donations, is hosting a book drive through Nov. 18 at The University of Alabama in collaboration with the English honor society Sigma Tau Delta and Empowered by Reading, a University of Alabama student’s initiative to promote literacy in Alabama.

Spicy Peppers

Why do we eat spicy peppers? Katherine Chious has your answer: The Stanford Daily – Nov. 6

Why do we torture ourselves by eating spicy peppers? Katherine Chiou, an assistant professor at The University of Alabama, explored this question and others in a presentation on her research on peppers at a Thursday event sponsored by the Stanford Archaeology Center (SAC).

Midterm Elections

UA political scientist comments on election: WVUA – Nov. 8

We’re joined once again by Dr. George Hawley. He’s a political science professor at The University of Alabama. There’s a lot to talk about tonight, Dr. Hawley. We’ve been talking about Aniah’s law a lot in the past few months, and it looks like it’s going to pass. Can you talk about how important this amendment is both for people who commit crimes and for people who are the victims of crimes?

State Constitution

Racist language could be removed from the state constitution today: Alabama Public Radio – Nov. 8

… Joshua Rothman is the chair of history department at The University of Alabama. He says the current constitution is complicated but he’s a supporter of the change. “My understanding is that the amendment would kind of recompile some of those things and strip out some archaic language, racist language from it,” he said. “If that’s the most that we’re able to do, then that strikes me at least one positive step.”


What is the future of Shakespeare?: The Huntington – Nov. 8

“Imagining Shakespeare in 2050: Performance and Archives” is unique in its breadth, scope, and structure… Rounding out the dialogues are the Shakespearean scholars Michelle M. Dowd (The University of Alabama)… 

Afternoons on Campus

5 ways to spend a free afternoon on campus: Tuscaloosa Patch – Nov. 8

The University of Alabama is home to a variety of facilities worth exploring. Dive into the history, art and culture of the University and the state it is named for.

General Education

University of Alabama debates general education curriculum, could wipe some English, humanities courses: Al.com – Nov. 9

Students at The University of Alabama could soon be required to take fewer writing, humanities and history courses as faculty vote on a major change to general education requirements this week.

Miss UA

Senior crowned Miss UA 2023: Tuscaloosa Patch – Nov. 10

Ibby Dickson was crowned Miss University of Alabama 2023 during the competition held Nov. 5 at the Bama Theatre. She is a senior news media and political science double major from Sylacauga.