A&S in the News: August 14-20, 2022

Third-Party Candidates

Here come the libertarians: Alabama voters brace for return of third party after 20-year absence: Al.com – August 14

… “I think one could interpret a larger number of third-party candidates as at least the expectation that voters are looking for alternatives,” said Regina Wagner, associate professor of political science at The University of Alabama. “This seems unlikely to lead many elected third-party candidates though because of electoral rules … as well as strong attachment to the two major parties among the electorate.”

Higher Education System Strengthening Activity

A memorable handshake between Pak-US higher education leadership: The News – August 15

25 higher education women leaders representing partner universities of the USAID-funded Higher Education System Strengthening Activity (HESSA) project returned home the other day, determined to apply their learning experiences towards improvement of Pakistan’s higher education ecosystem. The women leaders, on the other hand, visited The University of Alabama and Stillman Collage, Tuscaloosa, among other places.

River Hydrology

The fatal engineering flaws behind the deadliest dam failure in history: Popular Mechanics – August 15

… says David Shankman, Ph.D., professor emeritus of geography at The University of Alabama whose research has focused on the hydrology of rivers, including the Yangtze River near Henan.

Intermedia Art

AP CFB poll + Northport Street renaming? + Concert announcement: Tuscaloosa Patch – August 15

… Patch Shout Out: Our Shout Out for this Tuesday morning goes to University of Alabama art professor Melissa Yes, who has been appointed assistant professor of art in UA’s Department of Art and Art History. Yes will begin teaching courses in digital media on Tuesday and is an intermedia artist working primarily in video and installation art.

Native American Artifacts

Archives to return Native American remains, burial objects: Cherokee Phoenix – August 17

… University of Alabama museums are the largest holder of Native American remains and artifacts in Alabama.
News Concerns

Million Dollar Band

Million Dollar Band practices for their first show of the season: CBS 42 – August 17

The Alabama Crimson Tide football season is just weeks away from kick-off at Bryant Denny stadium for the team’s home game opener. Thousands will pack the stadium to see Bama and Coach Nick Saban, but fans will also come to watch the Million Dollar Band play. UA band member and drum major Chris Mack says members of the band, Crimsonettes and Color Guard teams are excited and can’t wait to take the field.

Giant Turtles

Alabama researchers discover ‘gigantic’ 83 million-year-old turtle species: Al.com – August 19

Fossilized turtle shell that sat unnoticed for decades in the collection at The University of Alabama actually belongs to a previously unknown species of ‘giant’ freshwater turtle that roamed the state during the time of the dinosaurs, according to research published today. Researchers now based at the Alabama School of Math and Science, California State University-Fullerton, and the McWane Science Center in Birmingham published a paper describing the previously unknown species of turtle that lived approximately 83 million years ago.

E.O. Wilson

Hundreds of renowned naturalist E.O. Wilson’s books donated to Alabama nature research center: CBS 42 – August 19

… Unlike many of Wilson’s papers and research, which were donated to The University of Alabama after his death, this latest collection includes many books he owned, as well as short notes he made in each of them.