A&S in the News: November 14-20, 2021

Battle of Mabila

Alabama researchers closing in on site of Spanish explorer’s pivotal battle with Chief Tascalusa: Al.com – Nov. 14

… The Battle of Mabila was the Gettysburg of its time, said Jim Knight, a retired anthropology professor at The University of Alabama. Generations of historians and archaeologists have hunted for the battle site, described as a fortified city.
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Muscogee Nation

Muscogee Nation calls on Gov. Ivey to help get remains back from UA: CBS (Montgomery) – Nov. 15

Native American tribal leaders are calling on Gov. Kay Ivey to assist them in retrieving artifacts from a local college that they say have significant cultural importance. Members of the Muscogee Nation say The University of Alabama is holding the remains of over 5,800 of their tribal members along with several artifacts. Leaders from the Muscogee Nation presented a letter to the governor today asking for her help.
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Ancient Shrimp

Rare fossil captures ancient shrimp hiding inside a clam: National Geographic – Nov. 15

Inquilinism “started pretty early on” in the history of animal life, says University of Alabama palaeontologist Adiël Klompmaker, one of the study’s authors.
Sunday Observer

Million Dollar Band

Million Dollar Band back on field and better than ever for Alabama football experience: Al.com – Nov. 16

The pandemic changed a lot about the college football season, including how we’d hear marching bands on gamedays…. I caught up with Dr. Ken Ozzello, Professor of Conducting and Director of Bands at The University of Alabama. He’s also director of the Million Dollar Band. I also spoke to Jasmine Johnson, a senior member of the band color guard. We talked about what the unprecedented 2020 season was like in the world of the Million Dollar Band.
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Paul R. Jones Museum

Michael C. Thorpe joins LaiSun Keane Gallery | All-new work to debut at Untitled Art, Miami: ArtFixDaily – Nov. 16

… He will be the subject of a solo exhibition at Paul R. Jones Museum, University of Alabama, in 2023.

Native American Film Festival

University of Alabama hosting film festival to highlight Native American culture and history: Alabama Public Radio – Nov. 18

The University of Alabama will host its first ever Native American Film Festival today and tomorrow.

Heaven’s Gate

Which UA professor started a cult?: The Crimson White – Nov. 18

In 1997, the Heaven’s Gate cult took part in a mass suicide, under the assumption that they would ascend to heaven in a UFO. Marshall Applewhite, one of the founders of this cult, was a music professor at The University of Alabama for a few years in the mid-’60s before teaching at St. Thomas University and eventually having a psychotic break.

Forest Dynamics Lab

Taking inventory of the Talladega National Forest: RFD-TV – Nov. 18

Forestry students in Alabama are now taking inventory in the Talladega National Forest. That is thanks to a new partnership between The University of Alabama and the National Forest Service. Here is a closer look at how students in the Forest Dynamics Lab are collecting data.

Hunting for Megalodon

Hunting the largest shark ever in ancient Alabama: Al.com – Nov. 19

… This trip was organized by the Alabama Natural History Museum, as a way to engage the public and teach them about Alabama’s fossil resources. One of the participants, 12-year-old Tucker Bailey, has already snagged a ziplock bag full of shark teeth and when it’s time to pack it in and go home, he’s the last one still searching that creek bed.