A&S in the News: May 2-8, 2021

Politics of Tourism

Traveling the Middle East will be the easiest it’s ever been: Al Jazeera – May 2

Although the coronavirus pandemic has forced travel to a halt and slammed shut international borders, unprecedented reforms taking place in the Middle East will make travelling around the region easier than ever before, once the world opens up again. “These stories are often being promoted for and serving a broader purpose,” said Waleed Hazbun, a professor of international relations at The University of Alabama and author of Beaches, Ruins, Resorts: The Politics of Tourism in the Arab World.

Aging Immunity

Aging fruit flies have impaired genetic responses to viral infections compared to young flies: Phys.org – May 4

In a study at The University of Alabama, aging fruit flies died faster than younger flies from a viral infection because of different genetic responses, lowering the older flies’ tolerance to the infection.

Olympic Games

Olympics committee accused of racism for “Black Lives Matter” ban at Tokyo games: Truthout – May 4

The IOC “specifically deciding that Olympians can’t wear [Black Lives Matter] attire or ‘protest’ on the podium is for what reason other than racism?” asked Shahara’Tova Dente, an English instructor at The University of Alabama, in a tweet. “Seriously needing an answer as to why that was a necessary focus when the whole Olympics was postponed because of a damn pandemic.”

COVID-19 Vaccines

Alabama, already last in nation, sees COVID-19 vaccines slow. What happens next?: Al.com – May 5

Dr. Stephanie McClure, an anthropologist at The University of Alabama is leading a team gathering data on vaccine hesitancy among communities of color so they can tailor public outreach… Harris recognizes the reasons for vaccine hesitancy vary from group to group. “There is this misconception that among the partisan, that the vaccine is more dangerous than the actual disease, which is completely false, but that’s still a narrative out there we have to combat,” said Harris.

Summer Camps

Need a summer camp for your kids? Check out these ideas: WVUA – May 7

Community Music School: Camp will be held on The University of Alabama campus at the Moody Music Building. Rising 6th– 12th grade students must be able to read music on all four strings, play in several keys, and play either violin, viola, cello, or double bass.