A&S in the News: August 9-15, 2020

Depictions of Torture in Media

Questions on torture with Joe Young: Political Violence at a Glance – Aug. 10

My co-author Erin Kearns, has an article on this called Wait, They Tortured in Zootopia? She and a co-author looked at torture in kids shows and movies and it’s super common.

Emotional Cheating

Women aged 30-40 vulnerable to emotional cheating in the workplace: JawaPos (Indonesia) – Aug. 11

An affair can happen anywhere and with anyone. Including women with colleagues in the office. Yup, meeting colleagues every day, can trigger a closer and more intimate relationship. Admitting the affair will obviously hurt your partner’s feelings. A psychologist at The University of Alabama, Greg Tortoriello, in one study, participants imagined their partners involved in various kinds of infidelity. Some imaginary affairs are based on emotional experiences. For example, couples talk late at night on the phone with other people and reply to long messages and others.

Alabama Bicentennial Park

The story behind the sculptures: Works depict key moments in Alabama’s history: Tuscaloosa News – Aug. 17

The 16 bronze high-relief sculptures in Montgomery’s Alabama Bicentennial Park, designed by Tuscaloosa artist Caleb O’ Connor and cast at the University of Alabama, in chronological order…