A&S in the News: April 19-25, 2020

Moody Music Building Fire

Fire at Moody Music Building: CBS (Montgomery) – April 19

Firefighters remain on the scene of what was a three alarm fire on the campus of The University of Alabama. The fire started around 4:15 in the attic space of the Moody Music Building.
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Starlink Project

Chain of Elon Musk’s Starlink satellites cause a stir as they streak through the skies of western Europe in dazzling display: Daily Mail (U.K.) – April 19

SpaceX’s Starlink project has made a very visible appearance above much of western Europe, startling sky-gazers. A string of bright lights appeared to march uniformly across the sky last night, with photographers capturing the event and sharing footage on Twitter. University of Alabama astronomer Bill Keel has previously told the AFP that the sighting of the first Starlink satellite train had experts trying to extrapolate what effect artificial constellations of such steady brightness might have as they grow in number.
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Free Food Deliveries

Students organize free food deliveries for seniors: Minuteman Press – April 20

Student labor searching for a role in the community has come up with a program called “Leave It To Us.” The program is run by a native to Orland Park, Michael Arundel, who is a pre-med student studying at The University of Alabama. He went online and began to give local seniors the opportunity to get their shopping done without having to leave the house. He has his friends helping him with the deliveries. Certain companies could give promotional products as a way of helping such an endeavor.

Restaurant Closures

My restaurant was my life for 20 years. Does the world need it anymore?: The New York Times – April 23

On the night before I laid off all 30 of my employees, I dreamed that my two children had perished, buried alive in dirt, while I dug in the wrong place, just five feet away from where they were actually smothered. I turned and spotted the royal blue heel of my youngest’s socked foot poking out of the black soil only after it was too late… From Lauren Kois, who waited tables at Prune all through her Ph.D. program and is now an assistant professor of psychology at The University of Alabama.

UA Opera Theatre

University of Alabama opera students send the power of song to those in isolation: Alabama News Center – April 25

During the past few weeks, students in the University of Alabama opera theatre program have used videoconferencing and phone calls to sing to the elderly and others who may be self-isolating during the coronavirus pandemic. Students moved from packed concert halls to virtual audiences to serenade those heavily affected by social distancing measures with songs ranging from favorite hymns to “Happy Birthday,” each interaction unique and tailored to the person on the receiving end.