A&S in the News: April 12-18, 2020


Telemedicine helps in fight against stress: Tuscaloosa News – April 12

From where dance therapist Loretta Lynn was working on 9/11, she could see the Twin Towers fall. Helping afterward at an in-patient psychiatric unit in Brooklyn, she witnessed roiling waves of anxiety, depression, PTSD symptoms and other mental-health afflictions, often from those who had not been patients before. “We saw a huge uptick in people who’d say they’re having trouble sleeping, having trouble eating. ‘I can’t stop thinking about it,’” said Lynn, who now lives in Tuscaloosa. “That’s kind of what I’m expecting to happen as a result of (the coronavirus pandemic), especially the longer people are isolating and social distancing. Lynn graduated with her master’s degree in dance therapy in 2000, then moved here several years back, when husband Christopher Dana Lynn accepted a faculty position at The University of Alabama’s Department of Anthropology.

Oil and Gas Deposits

High adventures in geological prospecting: Business Alabama – April 13

Delores Robinson and other geological researchers at The University of Alabama are delving deep beneath the surface of the Earth in search of potential oil and gas deposits. Their approach is similar to that taken by crime scene investigators, who use forensics to piece together small bits of evidence to gain a larger understanding of what took place before they arrived.

UA Museums From Home

Enjoy UA museums virtually: Nick 97.5 – April 13

As we are learning how to live in a new type of environment due to COVID-19, it doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy some of our hobbies and interests. As for me, I love museums. I was excited to find out that you can experience The University Of Alabama Museums from home. I know most of us prefer to enjoy the sights and sounds in person, and we will soon. However, this is an excellent opportunity to satisfy your museum interests, expose your children to what museums offer, and have a great escape.

Earth’s Magnetic Field

Origins of Earth’s magnetic field remain a mystery: YubaNet – April 13

Microscopic minerals excavated from an ancient outcrop of Jack Hills, in Western Australia, have been the subject of intense geological study, as they seem to bear traces of the Earth’s magnetic field reaching as far back as 4.2 billion years ago. That’s almost 1 billion years earlier than when the magnetic field was previously thought to originate, and nearly back to the time when the planet itself was formed.

President Trump

UA political science professor weighs in on President Trump’s claim that he “calls the shots”: NBC 13 – April 16

In the matter of forcing states to lift restrictions now in place during the pandemic, I asked Dr. Joseph Smith at The University of Alabama. When president trump said the other day “I call the shots,” true or false? Mostly false.