A&S in the News: February 23-29, 2020

Prosperity Gospel

The schism over “prosperity gospel” in southern churches: Medium – Feb. 23

The idea of prosperity gospel has existed for hundreds of years and has recently captivated the attention of southern churches, where “traditional churches” are the dominant base in the region. Prosperity gospel/feel-good gospel, by definition, has been described as a “modern” telling of the gospel or in the case of ones against it, a perversion of the gospel meant to only preach the goodness of the Christian religion or the perversion of the teachings of Christ. Theodore Trost, professor of religious studies at The University of Alabama, says the feel-good church culture helps millennials and college students have a place to gather together to escape the hostile nature of the outside world.

Black History Month

Black History Month wraps up with discussions on voting, campus experiences: Crimson White – Feb. 27

Over the span of this month, University of Alabama faculty/staff and student organizations have expressed the importance of voting and black history. With the 2021 presidential election fast approaching, this year’s upcoming census and United States primaries, UA’s faculty/staff are emphasizing the impact, importance, and need for African American voters participation. This year’s theme, titled “African Americans and the Vote,” featured events ranging from campus tours led by professor Hilary Green, which highlight historically black landmarks, as well as campus dialogues, group discussions for black women and black history movies.

Africana Film Festival

Africana film festival expands this year: Tuscaloosa News – Feb. 27

For 2020, the Tuscaloosa Africana Film Festival doubles its offerings to two weekends. Saturday there will be two features and two shorts, all made by acclaimed African filmmakers. A second event March 28 will highlight African women filmmakers and films, in honor of Women’s History Month. The Tuscaloosa Africana Film was founded by Thad Ulzen and Bill Foster. Also sponsoring the festival is The University of Alabama’s Colleges of Arts and Sciences and Community Health Sciences, and the Tuscaloosa Sister Cities Commission. Tuscaloosa is a sister city of Sunyani-Techiman in Ghana.