A&S in the News: April 21-27, 2019

Prison Conditions

Alabama senator says Christians ‘should speak out’ over prison conditions, sparking reactions: Al.com – April 21

In September 2017, at the rear of a dormitory in the so-called “Hot Bay” at the medium-security Bibb Correctional Facility, two inmates stabbed another … Michael Altman, a professor of religious studies at The University of Alabama, said there is an overall lack of attention to the terrible prison conditions from conservative Protestants in Alabama, which is reflective of “their larger disinterest in criminal justice issues.”

Columbine Tipping Point

Two decades of killing inspired by the Columbine massacre: New York Daily News – April 21

If mass murder by alienated young men is a contagion, as many experts believe, then Eric David Harris is the Typhoid Mary of this particular disease … Adam Lankford, a University of Alabama criminologist whose research explores fame and criminality, told me that while many killers have basked in infamy, Harris and Klebold created a mass murder tipping point.
MSN.com – April 21
New Zealand Herald – April 21
Ed Watch – April 23

Leonardo da Vinci

Performance based on works of da Vinci: Tuscaloosa News – April 23

The University of Alabama will host the southeastern premiere of a multimedia presentation based on the works of a leading figure of the Italian Renaissance.

South Arts Fellows

South Arts Fellows prove the modern vitality of the region’s visual works: Free Times (Columbia, South Carolina) – April 23

The Southern arts scene has come a long way since 1919 when social commentator H.L. Mencken wrote his controversial essay “Sahara of the Bozart.” … In the first category is a large-scale work by Jamey Grimes, who teaches at The University of Alabama.  Sprawling across the ceiling of the gallery is a mass of school-bus yellow, corrugated and perforated plastic entitled Roil.

Social Capital

Democracy takes practice: Philanthropy Daily – April 24

It’s clear that one problem with our country is a declining amount of social capital. Americans don’t belong to as many clubs or civic organizations than they used to and are increasingly spending time staring at their smartphones rather than talking with other people … One, as University of Alabama historian David T. Beito noted in From Mutual Aid To The Welfare State(1992), was that fraternal orders had many of their functions superseded by the post-1933 welfare state.
Capital Research Center – April 25

More Than Words

More than words: These poets aren’t afraid to mix it up with music, visual arts to tell black stories: The Root – April 25

This week, for National Poetry Month, we’re featuring 37 up-and-coming black poets—including one today who is much more well-known but in a different field—who we expect do amazing work over the next decade … L. Lamar Wilson’s poetry collection Sacrilegion (Carolina Wren Press) was a finalist for the Thom Gunn Award … He teaches creative writing at the University of Alabama and in the low-residency MFA program at Mississippi University for Women.

Wastewater Woes

With new grant, UA team mapping wastewater woes in Black Belt: Montgomery Advertiser – April 26

For years, stagnant wastewater piped straight from rural homes into thick clay soil has festered in the Black Belt, swirling with public health and socioeconomic concerns. Now, thanks to a federal grant, a multi-disciplinary team of University of Alabama researchers hope to use engineering and geology methods to effectively map how widespread the problem is.

Miss Florida Citrus

5 questions with Miss Florida Citrus 2019: Growing Produce – April 27

The Florida citrus sector is proud of its history. Part of its deep-rooted legacy is the long-running Florida Citrus Queen/Miss Florida Citrus program … Beyond your Miss Florida Citrus duties, what’s next for you? “I’m graduating magna cum laude from The University of Alabama (in May) with a bachelor’s degree in Dance and a bachelor’s degree in Public Relations with a specialization in Sport and Entertainment Communication Management.