A&S in the News: April 14-20, 2019

Hear Here

College News: Tuscaloosa News – April 14

The National Alumni Association of The University of Alabama honors one male and one female in the senior class to receive the Alumni Student Award. . . . Down the road comes the Hear Here Alabama mobile audiology clinic. Stocked with equipment and staffed with eager undergrads and professionals, the clinic heads out several times a year from UA to health fairs, county health departments and other places in West and South Alabama to offer hearing screenings and do research in areas where audiology resources are limited. . . . Capstone Men and Women serve as official ambassadors of UA. They assist the University president’s office, admissions and alumni during functions held on campus and in other locations, as well as host daily tours of the campus for prospective students and other visitors.

Untreated Sewage Issue

UA team to examine untreated sewage issue: Alabama Public Radio – April 15

How much untreated sewage gets dumped in Alabama’s Black Belt? That’s the question a team of students and professors at the University of Alabama is trying to determine.
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Negative Calorie

Thin trends with ‘negative calorie’ food, what do you mean?: Health Detik (Indonesia) – April 15

The latest trend implies that someone can burn calories in a fun way, which is eating! With ‘negative calorie’ food, the body does not get fatter but actually gets thinner … “Regardless of the number of calories in food, you will always be able to get something from it,” said Stephen Secor, professor of biology at The University of Alabama, quoted from LiveScience.
Live Science – April 15

Neutrino Mass

The only palpable evidence of physics beyond the Standard Model: Physics World – April 15

“Neutrino mass is the only palpable evidence of physics beyond the Standard Model,” which is why André de Gouvêa is a devoted fan of the neutrino … Neutrinos make great probes of the cosmos, as Marcos Santander of The University of Alabama pointed out here at the April Meeting. One reason is that unlike electromagnetic radiation and charged particles, neutrinos are not deflected by the magnetic fields that permeate the universe — and therefore they point straight back to their source.

Notre Dame

UA French professor responds to fire at Notre Dame: WVUA (Tuscaloosa) – April 15

Carmen Myers, faculty member here at The University of Alabama, says she was just there a year and a half ago and today she’s in disbelief. She says it never occurred to her the cathedral would never be there tomorrow. She says the Cathedral of Notre Dame not only represents Paris, but France as well. She says it embodies the history and culture of that country.
CBS 42 (Birmingham) – April 17

Green Pledges

Why green pledges will not create the natural forests we need: 360 Yale – April 16

Experts agree: Reforesting our planet is one of the great ecological challenges of the 21st century. It is essential to meeting climate targets, the only route to heading off the extinction crisis, and almost certainly the best way of maintaining the planet’s rainfall. It could also boost the livelihoods of hundreds of millions of inhabitants of former forest lands … Geographer David Shankman, professor emeritus at The University of Alabama and a long-time observer of China’s reforestation programs, told Yale Environment 360: “I am not confident of long-term success.”

Hurricane Maria

Climate change is to blame for the extreme rain of Hurricane Maria: Tech2Org – April 16

According to recent research, Hurricane Maria caused more rain in Puerto Rico than any storm that hit the island since 1956, a feat due mainly to the effects of human-induced climate warming … “What we discovered was that the magnitude of Maria’s maximum rainfall is much more likely in the 2017 climate when it occurred compared to the record start in 1950,” said David Keellings, geographer at The University of Alabama at Tuscaloosa and author principal of The new study in the magazine of AGU.
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National Assembly

Insights from the day-of-competition [National Assembly 2019 Recap]: Progressions – April 17

You’ve paid your registration fee, booked your hotel and are on your way to Assembly. You go to your first meeting and walk out unsure of how you can apply what was spoken about to your career. The next meeting leaves you feeling the same. (Julia Landon is currently a senior at The University of Alabama studying theatre and public relations)

Wild Bees

Jeff Lozier
Dr. Jeff Lozier

Wild bees species critical to pollination on the decline: The Science Buzz – April 17

More than a dozen wild bee species critical to pollinizing everything from blueberries to apples in New England are on the decline, according to a new study … Jeff Lozier, a bee expert from The University of Alabama who did not take part in the research, called the study “interesting” and said the findings are critical step in expanding research into lesser known species of bees.
Washington Post – April 18
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“Space Matters”

“Space Matters” exhibit unveiled at University of Alabama: Alabama Public Radio – April 18

Last night, students, historians and others gathered at the oldest structure on The University of Alabama’s campus for the unveiling of a new kind of historical exhibit. “Space Matters” is an interactive exhibit inside the Gorgas House Museum. It uses animated maps, videos and music to tell the nuanced stories of three historical figures from Tuscaloosa’s history before and during the Civil War.

“In the Pines”

The haunting power of “In the Pines”: PRI.org – April 18

“I always had an attraction to the mystery of the song,” the singer-songwriter Bill Callahan says of “In the Pines.” … Today, there are more than 200 variations of the song sung over the better part of a century. With the help of Eric Weisbard, music critic and professor of American studies at The University of Alabama, and Elizabeth DiSavino, author and professor of music at Berea College, and musicians like Bill Callahan and Fantastic Negrito, we explore the long, rich musical and social history of this great old American song — before, and after, Kurt Cobain and Nirvana took a turn at making it theirs.
KANW-FM (Albuquerque, New Mexico) – April 19
SLATE – April 19

A&S Performances

Five things to do in Tuscaloosa this weekend: Tuscaloosa News – April 18

No. 3: Crimson Stage, which creates student-led works from the UA Department of Theatre and Dance, will present “Between the Lines” at 4 p.m. Saturday at the Allen Bales Theatre on the UA campus. . . [4/5] No. 4: “The Dance Collection” will be held at 5:30 p.m. Friday at Morgan Auditorium on the University of Alabama campus. The program is the culmination of the dance season, featuring pieces choreographed by UA dance faculty, graduating seniors and up-and-coming UA dance students. Admission is $10. For more information, go to www.theatre.ua.edu.

“Sense and Sensibility”

Theater Review: Energy and drive highlight Austen adaptation: Tuscaloosa News – April 20

Even if you don’t know Austen, you know Austen: Women in need of husbands. Smarter, sharper older women; impulsive, yearning youngsters; dumber, more callow contemporaries, paired with cads and bounders and decent but boring dudes, oh my … The money stuff’s not trivia, because economic necessities, the security and status of a good marriage, lie at the heart. Kate Hamill’s stage adaptation of that first novel, being performed this week by the University of Alabama Department of Theatre and Dance, is a bright, bounding version that nonetheless shows marks of being the writer’s first full-length play, emphasis on length.

Hodges’ Meteorite

Hodges’ Meteorite: WCIUDT2 (Chicago, Illinois) – April 20

Don’t believe it? Well, go see it for yourself. The meteorite that hit Ann Hodges is currently on display at the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa.