A&S in the News: October 14-20, 2018

Nature of Knowledge

BS and the nature of knowledgePsychology Today – Oct. 11

What is real knowledge, and how is it separated from bullsh*t? This question jumped into my mind as I read (UA professor) Joshua Wakeham’s excellent article “Bullsh*t as a Problem of Social Epistemology.”

Confederate Monuments

Confederate monuments stir emotions, but ‘generally not a voting issue’ in AlabamaAl.com – Oct. 14

Democrat Walt Maddox’s latest TV ad is meant to showcase his relatively conservative views on gun control and abortion. But when it comes to Confederate monuments, Maddox draws a line. The Tuscaloosa mayor and gubernatorial hopeful is looking to separate himself from his November 6 opponent, Republican Gov. Kay Ivey … “At the time Governor Ivey ran those campaign ads touting her support for (Confederate monuments), she was in the midst of her primary campaign,” said Richard Fording, political science professor at The University of Alabama.

Game Day Tradition

Million Dollar Band sets tone for Alabama game daysTuscaloosa News – Oct. 14

Saturdays during the fall semester at The University of Alabama are steeped in traditions. White tents populate the University’s Quad along the main drag through campus for tailgaters, flags and plastic shakers wave in the air, the school’s crimson color washes over the campus and “Roll Tides” abound.

National Fossil Day

University to celebrate National Fossil DayCrimson White – Oct. 15

The University will celebrate National Fossil Day as established by the National Parks Service. National Fossil Day was celebrated for the first time on Oct. 12, 2010.

Monster Takeover

Monsters set to take over downtown TuscaloosaTuscaloosa News – Oct. 16

Monsters will soon start emerging in downtown Tuscaloosa. Their presence will not just be a Halloween event. Rather, it’s what the Arts Council of Tuscaloosa has dubbed “Monster Takeover,” and it’s a move to add small-scale monster sculptures to various areas of downtown Tuscaloosa … Students of Craig Wedderspoon, The University of Alabama professor of art and sculpture, have created the monsters, and Wedderspoon said he expects installation to begin within the next two weeks.

Opioid Prescriptions

Panel to discuss opioid prescriptions in AlabamaCrimson White – Oct. 17

Who: The Criminal Justice Department is hosting the event; What: The Criminal Justice Department will be hosting a colloquium entitled, “Leading the Nation in Opioid Prescriptions: What are the consequences for Alabama?,” which will focus on opiate drugs in Alabama.
Fox 6 (Birmingham) – Oct. 18

Mass Shootings

Democrat candidate Haley Stevens erroneously claims 1,600 mass shootings since 2012Breitbart – Oct. 17

House candidate Haley Stevens (D-MI-11) is running on a gun control platform and claiming there have been 1,600 mass shootings since Sandy Hook … In reality, the number of mass shootings during the past 50 years is somewhere around 100.  Mother Jones reported a study by University of Alabama associate professor Adam Lankford which examined the years 1966 to 2012. Lankford found a total of “90 public mass shootings” in America during that time frame. Stevens is claiming there were “1,600” during the last six years.

Million Dollar Band

UA Million Dollar Band performs in ChattanoogaWDEF-CBS (Chattanooga, Tennessee) – Oct. 19

The Million Dollar Band performs in Chattanooga. The University of Alabama marching band performed at Finley Stadium this afternoon. They played Aretha Franklin music. They’re doing this as they make their way to what many people consider a rivalry football game.
WRCB-NBC (Chattanooga, Tennessee) – Oct. 19
WGOW-AM (Chattanooga, Tennessee) – Oct. 19