A&S in the News: July 15-21, 2018


Grandiose and vulnerable narcissists have different responses to infidelityPsyPost – July 15

Narcissistic people tend to respond differently to infidelity depending on whether they’re grandiose or vulnerable narcissists, according to new research published in the Journal of Social and Personal Relationships.Vulnerable narcissism is marked by excessive self-absorption, introversion and insecurity, while grandiose narcissism is characterized by an exaggerated sense of superiority, extroversion, and domineering behavior. “My collaborators and I have been interested in studying what motivates narcissists’ destructive behavior in their romantic relationships. Some of our prior work has suggested that narcissists are more likely to intentionally induce jealousy in their romantic partners as a relational strategy, but what motivates this strategy depends on the type of narcissist,” said study author Gregory Tortoriello of The University of Alabama.

Birmingham Children’s Theatre

Birmingham Children’s Theatre hosts “The Three Musketeers”Alabama News Center – July 16

The sounds of metal clashing against metal fill the air in the Birmingham Children’s Theatre’s (BCT) rendition of “The Three Musketeers.” This play, adapted from Ken Ludwig’s book, has a little bit of something for everyone, according to Ashley Woods, the managing director for BCT … Christian Hatcher, who is studying musical theater at The University of Alabama, plays D’Artagnan. Hatcher said he has been involved in the arts from a very young age, thanks to his mother. Hatcher got away from theater and the arts for a while, but is glad he returned.

Runoff Election

Trump endorsed one of his critics. Will it be enough to help her win her runoff in Alabama?Vox – July 16

Rep. Martha Roby — who failed to win her primary outright in June — hopes to turn it all around on Tuesday during the runoff election … This record could be one of the factors that convinced Trump to support her. “The truth is that she is in fact a reliable vote for him,” University of Alabama political science professor Richard Fording told Al.com.

Sleep Behavior

10 common things that belong nowhere near your bedApartment Therapy – July 16

You know that feeling when you walk into a spa? The calm music, the soothing decor… it’s an environment that’s been carefully crafted to make you feel relaxed. And while we’re not suggesting you need to spend time and money turning your home into a spa, you can take a clever cue from the intention: There are a few things you can avoid keeping in your bedroom to ensure the space is perfectly primed for both relaxation and sleep … We talked to Dr. Heather Gunn, PhD, an assistant professor at The University of Alabama and clinical psychologist with training in behavioral sleep medicine, about the items that can prevent or lessen healthy sleep.

American Ballet Theatre

Program held in Tuscaloosa aims to develop young dancersTuscaloosa News – July 17

More than 100 young dancers from around the country are finishing up the American Ballet Theatre Summer Intensive this week in Tuscaloosa … The program will conclude Friday with showcase performances by the dancers in the concert hall at the Moody Music Building, 810 Second Ave. Showtimes are at noon and 1:30 p.m. Tickets are $10 and available at www.ua.tix.com. For more information, call the UA Department of Theatre and Dance at 348-5283.

Animal Behavior

Fighting with your own reflection: Can animals perceive the differences between natural and fake opponents?Science Trends – July 19

While standing in front of a mirror, it is easy for humans to recognize that the image in the mirror is nothing but a reflection. However, for animals lacking self-recognition, it is difficult to tell whether the one behind the mirror is real or fake … These findings are described in the article entitled, Nonreversing mirrors elicit behaviour that more accurately predicts performance against live opponents, recently published in the journal “Animal Behaviour.” This work was conducted by Cheng-Yu Li, Caitlin Curtis, and Ryan Earley from The University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa.


Mamma Mia sequel renews appreciation for ABBATuscaloosa News – July 20

“Like mother like daughter” takes on another life this weekend, as a girl named Sophie learns about her mother’s journey to maternity, being now pregnant herself, and visiting the same Greek island where her mom learned love, adventure and a passion for music during a 1979 trip. Now it’s Sophie’s turn to take risks and figure out life for herself, in “Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again.” … “I love old music; this is amazing. I promise I didn’t cheat: ‘Take A Chance on Me,’ ‘Dancing Queen,’ ‘Fernando,’ ‘Mamma Mia’ and ‘SOS,’ ” said Jackson Fuentes, a sophomore studying political science and public relations at The University of Alabama.