A&S in the News – September 2-September 8

Night Sky Viewing At UA
Tuscaloosa News – Sept. 7
Members of the public enjoy a free view of the Moon and Saturn through the telescope in Gallalee Hall on the campus of the University of Alabama Wednesday, September 7, 2016.

Where Did Trump Come From?
Reason – Sept. 8
As George Hawley, a political scientist at the University of Alabama, points out in considerable detail, the post-World War II conservative movement has never been a monolithic bloc. Many of its left-wing critics have perceived it that way, but those who Hawley calls its right-wing critics have known better—particularly the ones who were purged and consigned to the ideological equivalent of Siberia. The movement has always been beset from within and without by dissension, even as its leaders have tried to fashion a sense of unity.

Virtual sandbox offers UA students a unique experience
Crimson White – Sept. 2
The Alabama Museum of Natural History is now home to a new and riveting piece of technology that is changing the way people learn about topographical maps and hydrological processes.  The so-called “virtual sandbox” was built by Sagy Cohen, an assistant professor at The University of Alabama, and was funded through the National Science Foundation for his research on global rivers … The Davis group from the University of California is credited with the general design and the programming of the software. There are only a couple of dozen virtual sandboxes spread throughout the world, but that number is increasing rapidly. According to Cohen, The University of Alabama has the only virtual sandbox in the state.

Also making headlines…

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