Student Attends National Symposium

Ashley Jolly
Ashley Jolly

From the August 2014 Desktop News | Ashley Jolly, a University of Alabama doctoral student studying organic chemistry, was one of approximately 75 graduate students who presented their research at a national research symposium last month.

The American Chemical Society Division of Organic Chemistry hosts the Graduate Research Symposium annually to provide organic chemistry graduate students the opportunity to interact with leaders in academia, industry, funding agencies and publishing at a single venue. The students also have opportunities to attend workshops, participate in round-table discussions and learn about post-graduate opportunities. This year’s symposium was held July 24-27 at the University of California, Irvine.

Jolly discussed her research working with large macromolecules with characteristics that make them potential vectors for selective drug delivery. She earned her bachelor’s degree from Western Kentucky University and afterwards spent five months working as an intern in the research and development department of Berry Plastics, a global manufacturer of plastic packaging products. She also is a recipient of a fellowship from the U.S. Department of Education providing assistance to graduate students studying areas of national need. She expects to graduate with her doctorate in August 2015.

Jolly conducts research in the lab of Dr. Marco Bonizzoni, UA assistant professor of chemistry. The Bonizzoni Supramolecular Chemistry group studies the interactions between very large charged polymers and small organic molecules in water. Insights gained from this research have led them to the development of responsive soft materials with applications in analytical chemistry and drug delivery.