Workshop Explains Summer Credit Transfers

Taking courses away from UA this summer? Find out how to make sure your credits will transfer

Let’s say you, like many UA students, plan to take courses at a college in your hometown over the summer. How can you be sure those courses will apply toward UA degree requirements? And how will those courses affect your GPA?

Find out at A&S Student Services’ workshop Tuesday, February 4, from 2:00 to 3:00 p.m. in 205 Gorgas Library. College of Arts and Sciences advisors and peer advisors will explain the transfer process and answer your questions. You’ll learn how to check course equivalencies, create a letter of transiency, send your transcript, and transfer your courses back to UA.

Contact Nancy Shockley ( or Cathy Elliott ( to reserve a spot in this workshop.

If your questions concern studying abroad, contact Capstone International in 135 BB Comer.