Life Lessons

Eighteen members of the 1994 band pose in Knoxville, Tennessee.

This picture finds the mellophone section of the 1994 Million Dollar Band in Knoxville, TN. Featured in this photo is Kandy Ryland Wesson, a member of the band from 1994 to 1996. She recalls that during her first year a heat wave struck Tuscaloosa, keeping temperatures above 100°F for more than two weeks.

“Imagine that,” says Wesson, “with those heavy uniforms and those flashy capes.” During the first pre-game show of the season, several students passed out, one of them requiring an IV. But rather than succumb to the weather, the band simply altered its schedule to practice in the cooler parts of the day, as well as indoors.

This determination to perform regardless of circumstances is among many life skills that alumni and current members say they cherish as part of the Million Dollar Band experience. As Wesson says, “So many wonderful memories and lessons of how I wanted to live my life were learned in those years in the MDB.” Image courtesy of Kandy Ryland Wesson. […]

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