“Amazing” Performance

Three band members seated on a bench.

Like many band alumni, Susanne Hibbard says the bowl trips were the best times. One of those trips became Hibbard’s favorite performance: “It was the 1990 Sugar Bowl. We did the Southern gospel show, where we played ‘Amazing Grace’ at the end. The crowd started getting to their feet, cheering. We thought the teams must be coming back onto the field, and that that was why the crowd was cheering, but they were cheering for us.”

Hibbard, who married while in the band (and honeymooned on a trip to the Blockbuster Bowl in 1991), says she always plays in the annual Alumni Band performance. “It’s so special to be back on the field at Bryant-Denny,” she said. Pictured here, left to right: Michelle Robinson, Hibbard, and Hibbard’s sister Ginger (Marsh) Bennett. Image courtesy of Susanne Hibbard. […]

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