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A&S in the News: January 28-February 3, 2018

Mass Shootings America’s mass shooting epidemic: WDIV-NBC (Detroit, Michigan) – Jan. 28 On average, there’s a mass shooting almost every day here in the U.S. The statistics prompted folk at The University of Alabama to take an in depth look at the epidemic. 2017 was the deadliest year ever in modern history for mass shootings in […]

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Law School Launchpad: Pre-Law Program Sending Graduates Nationwide

From the April 2016 Desktop News | Of the 160 University of Alabama graduating seniors who applied to law school last year, 152 of them, or 95 percent, were accepted. That makes an eight-percent growth in the last five years. Roughly half of the students were accepted to top-25 schools including Harvard, Stanford, and the […]

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