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Economic Impact

The College of Arts and Sciences’ annual economic impact on the state is $571.9 million — roughly one-fifth of the entire University’s impact.

a group of children listen to a speaker at Moundville's Native American Festival
Named a top 20 Alabama tourism event, Moundville’s Native American Festival attracts more than 12,000 visitors annually

Through its teaching, research, and service activities, the College of Arts and Sciences has a significant impact on its graduates and the general public. It generates jobs, yields tax revenue, attracts business and industry to the region and the state, assists with business creation and economic growth, and promotes innovation.

In October 2016, the Center for Business and Economic Research released a study of the economic, employment, and government revenue impacts of the College of Arts and Sciences. The report estimates that for the fiscal year 2014-2015 (FY2015), the College contributed $571.9 million and 2,849 jobs to the state economy, including $432.9 million and 2,673 jobs in the Tuscaloosa metro area. These impacts generated $28.1 million in the state of Alabama, including $9 million in state sales tax revenue, $7.8 in state income tax revenue, and $11.2 million in local sales tax revenue.

For more details, read the complete report: Economic Impact of the College of Arts and Sciences (PDF).